We have the Hottest Summer Trends!

Ready to start your summer in style? These eyewear trends are hot off the runway and sure to keep you in style all season.

This summer’s trends highlight classics with a twist. Classic frames are set apart this season with pops of color and detail. Fashion trends are showing that all that glitters

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What Is Too Much Screen Time Doing To Your Eyes?

Do you experience eye problems such as dryness, irritation or blurred vision? 61% of Americans answer yes to this question. Americans are also addicted to personal digital devices. 95% spend 2 or more hours per day on digital devices and 30% spend 9 or more hours per day staring at screens. These

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Are Eye Exams for Kids Important?

It’s that time of year when our kids have been back to school for a few weeks and progress reports are coming out.  Many times this is when parents discover that their children might be struggling in school and they wonder why.  One thing to consider is, your child might be having problems with

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Preventing Eye Injuries in Sports

This month we want to share an article from our very own Dr. Ricky Russell on the importance of protecting your eyes during sporting events!

What is the second most cause of visual impairment in the U.S.?  Traumatic eye injuries from sporting activities.  Each year, nearly 400,000 eye injuries

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Back to School Time Can Mean Pink Eye

Our friend Dr. William Ashford from Eye Group of Mississippi has shared some words of wisdom with us about Back to School time.  Read on...

Summer time is almost over and school begins soon. Late summer and early fall are the peak season for  conjunctivitis or "pink eye". There are two types of

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