Finding the perfect fit!

Life is better when everything fits, right? The perfect pair of jeans. You're favorite shirt. These things wouldn't be at the top of your list if they didn't fit correctly. And yet we are walking around everyday with glasses that don't fit.

The fit of glasses are so important. Ill fitting glasses

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New Year, New You!

New Year’s resolutions are so easy to break. In fact, you've probably already fallen behind on a few. But there is something you can do to accomplish two goals in one. You can improve your look and health by getting new glasses.

It is so important for the health of your eyes to have annual eye

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Are you using decorative contact lenses for Halloween?

This Halloween, it’s best to stick to just treats – like treating your eyes properly. It might be tempting to enhance your costume with decorative contact lenses, but the Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control are recommending against them. Popular decorative lenses include

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Image Optical Is At Your Service

At Image Optical, we always want to help you look amazing!  We do that in a variety of ways such as offering the top designer brand name frames as well as lenses from Zeiss, the world’s leading manufacturer of precision optics.  With that being said, the area we strive to be the best at is customer

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We have the Hottest Summer Trends!

Ready to start your summer in style? These eyewear trends are hot off the runway and sure to keep you in style all season.

This summer’s trends highlight classics with a twist. Classic frames are set apart this season with pops of color and detail. Fashion trends are showing that all that glitters

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