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UV Protection Isn't Just For Your Skin!

This summer run shoeless through a briar patch; enjoy a freshwater marsh while covered in honey; skydive without the parachute! Crazy, right? About as crazy as spending time in the sun without UV protection.

We hear a lot about skin damage or skin cancer from exposure to the sun, but there is a

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What is Blue Light and how can you protect your eyes from it?

We may think that light is light, and it’s all created equal, but it turns out that’s not the case. All light, including sunlight and artificial light, is created on a spectrum. For instance, sunlight contains red, orange, yellow, green, and blue light rays. That range also includes ultraviolet

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Introducing DJ Arrington

Image Optical is proud to introduce DJ Arrington as our new manager! DJ has been in the optical industry for over 10 years. He uses that experience and knowledge of frames and lenses to provide concierge level service to everyone he works with. DJ is extremely in touch with all the latest optical

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Made in the shade!

Hopefully this summer will find you near a pool, ocean or lake side enjoying the summer sun, but with summer sun comes harmful ultraviolet light. Sunscreen and hats will protect your skin but you shouldn't forget to protect your eyes as well. UV light can cause short term and long term damage to

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Finding the perfect fit!

Life is better when everything fits, right? The perfect pair of jeans. You're favorite shirt. These things wouldn't be at the top of your list if they didn't fit correctly. And yet we are walking around everyday with glasses that don't fit.

The fit of glasses are so important. Ill fitting glasses

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