New Year’s resolutions are so easy to break. In fact, you've probably already fallen behind on a few. But there is something you can do to accomplish two goals in one. You can improve your look and health by getting new glasses.

It is so important for the health of your eyes to have annual eye exams. If you have noticed that you are squinting more, an increase in headaches or eye fatigue your prescription may need updating. And even a small change will make a big difference in how well you see. When getting new lenses talk to you eye doctor about the best lenses are for you. For example, one who is accident prone may benefit from scratch protectant or maybe a glare reducing coating for those who spend a lot of time in front of a computer.

A change in your glasses style could provide a new face for the new year. Try different shapes, colors and sizes than you are usually drawn to and mix it up. You may be surprised by what may suit your face. Changing frames is an easy way to update your style in a fresh new way. Once you’ve updated your prescription and picked your new frames make sure the fit is right.

Make a new resolution you can actually stick with and take care of your eyes by getting them checked and updating your style with new frames. Our friends at Eye Group can facilitate your eye exam and then you’ll receive concierge level service at Image Optical where we will find the right frames and lenses that fit your unique style.  You’ll Look. Amazing. And get a new look at life!