This Halloween, it’s best to stick to just treats – like treating your eyes properly. It might be tempting to enhance your costume with decorative contact lenses, but the Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control are recommending against them. Popular decorative lenses include cat eyes, zombie eyes, spider webs, colored lenses, and various Halloween characters. They’re easily found anywhere Halloween costumes are sold – costume and party stores, malls, online retailers, chain and discount stores, and even gas stations.

So why are the FDA and CDC getting involved in your trick-or-treating plans? Because there is a good chance these lenses could land you in the hospital with an eye infection, or even worse, with partial blindness. There are many differences between the contact lenses you buy from your eye doctor and these lenses that you pick up to complement your costume. First of all, your doctor will give you a complete eye exam to determine your needs, the size and shape of your eyes, and if you require any special types of corrective lenses. The lenses they provide are also sterilized and quality controlled to ensure that they are safe to wear. They can also provide you proper storage and cleaning instructions and solutions. The inexpensive, non prescription costume lenses are “one size fits all” and unfortunately don’t always fit everyone. Improper fit can cause scratches to the cornea or can squeeze and constrict blood vessels, causing infection. They are also not regulated by the FDA, meaning they could be contaminated with bacteria or other toxins.

A fun pair of frames of sunglasses can be a great part of your Halloween costume and still keep your eyes safe.  Come see us at Image Optical today and experience our one of a kind concierge service.  We can help you Look. Amazing. this Halloween!